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Why Choose Medclear TTA?


Having worked in the social care industry in London, United Kingdom, we know only too well that safeguarding vulnerable people is priority, maintaining good hygiene habits for service-users is essential ,sanitizing whilst offering care is imperative,helping people recover from infectious diseases through this and generally improving the lives of individuals and communties is our mission.The devastating impact COVID-19 Coronavirus is having is immense and we pledge to provide the best products on the market to our customers.


We are committed to contributing to a stronger more effective social care system by providing the very best products to the industry.


We are committed to building long-term, trusting business relationships with our customers and the service users we provide products too. We ensure that we remain supportive to the needs of the social care industry.


We realise the tremendous strain on the social care industry,NHS and communities currently through the arrival of COVID-19 Coronavirus, and we ensure that we source all products at affordable prices and as quickly as possible so that your customers are satisfied.


We welcome any suggestion, ideas that may make our service better, and will always be grateful for your orders, as others benefit through the income we generate through sales and your business support.

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